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Cultivate is a mentoring organization that focuses on meeting the needs of the next generation.  It was birthed out of a God-given desire to encourage, equip, educate and empower young adults on their faith journey.  If you are a young adult who is unsure of how to navigate the challenges of our fast-paced culture, Cultivate is strongly committed to walking with you on your journey and helping you discover your next step.


If you are a parent or leader of young adults, Cultivate wants to encourage, equip, educate and empower you as well! You are on the front lines--fighting for the hearts of the next generation.  Our prayer is that partnerships will form to offer unprecedented support to the emerging adults we connect with.


Plants flourish when their needs are met, but they are all different.  For example...some need a lot of water, some need a lot of sun, and some need specific environments.  They are all unique.  And so are the people who join the Cultivate Community.




Read the Cultivate "Updates and Inspiration" page or follow us on social media for recent news posts, blogs to help encourage the next generation, or information on how YOU can support young adults who need help navigating the challenges they face as they seek to move forward.

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I feel stuck! I need 

someone to help me discover more about who I am, why I am here, and how I can move forward!

I am a giver! I want to make an investment and impact

the lives of the next generation through Cultivate.

I want to learn more about the challenges facing the next generation, why Cultivate is needed, and what they can do to help!

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Cultivate is the culmination of everything God has been teaching us about investing in the next generation over our entire lifetime.   The mission of Cultivate is to foster community, growth, creativity and purpose in emerging adults. 


We believe the next generation has the potential to make the name of Jesus known in ways previous generations could not have imagined.  They have an intense desire to make a difference in the world for the glory of God, but we need to come alongside them to encourage them to discover and step into what God is calling them to do.  We want to help them establish solid roots and find their way.  


“Cultivate realizes that God has created us as unique individuals that need community, so they do not follow a single formula or plan. They dare you to challenge yourself to use your creative cognitive faculties, to think outside the box, knowing that when you do you will find out what your purpose is.”​


—  Corey Chambers

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