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  • How do I get involved with Cultivate?
    If you're a high school senior, a great place to start is registering for, and attending a Compass Retreat for high schoolers. If you're 18-30 and out of high school, there are also Compass Retreats for you! If you're not sure what your first step is or how you can get involved, contact us to book a one-on-one Compass consultation and we'll help you develop a plan to cultivate your life and find your way! If you are a parent, or anyone who serves and cares for the next generation, feel free to share our resources and encourage young people to sign up for Cultivate events and retreats. We love partnering with those who are already doing ministry with emerging adults because together, we can impact them in deeper, more profound, and significant ways. Contact us and book a meeting today if you would like to hear more about how Cultivate can partner with you.
  • What is Compass?
    Compass is an interactive journey to help emerging adults explore who they are and where they are in life so they can get their bearings and move forward. Have you ever used a compass? A compass helps you to see where you are so you can keep moving forward on your journey. Cultivate’s COMPASS Experience works in a similar way. It is an interactive experience designed to help you connect with God and learn about who He created you to be and where you are in your life journey. The COMPASS experience builds on the foundation of the book “Finding Your Way” by Dan Webster and Randy Gravitt and incorporates key principles from the book “Designing Your Life” by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans.
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