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Cultivate Updates - May 2022

Hasn't it been a beautiful Spring?

Spring time is all about resurrection - We celebrate THE RESURRECTION, but we also experience it by watching the dead of winter give way to new life around us. Speaking of resurrection, after two long years of isolation and social distancing, this Spring has brought back freedom to once again do several much loved Cultivate activities…


On Saturday, April 9th, Cultivate provided a meal and volunteers for Easter Eggstravaganza, an annual Easter egg hunt/activity day for the foster families of Coweta County. Our twenty AWESOME volunteers assisted parents, built relationships with the children, and served food to the families.

Jenn Nolder, the foster family event coordinator, wrote to us after the event, “There are not enough words to thank you and the entire Cultivate team for everything you continue to do for foster families in Newnan! … Thank you for making our Easter event PERFECT! We couldn’t do the event without you all!”


The annual Secret Church simulcast gathering always provides a time of intense Bible teaching and an opportunity to connect with others and pray. This year, we had 16 participants at our home, plus 5 in Hogansville, and 2 in Omaha, Nebraska. Secret Church always chooses a specific country for its prayer focus. This year, they chose Afghanistan. We love to cook the cuisine of the country we are praying for because it seems to bring us closer to them and their culture. Our friends, Larissa Sgroi and Karen Gresham, joined in the chaos of preparing the meal.

In true form, David Platt spoke passionately and quickly from 7:00pm - 2:15am (with a break about every 1-1.5 hours). He addressed some of the most challenging issues of our day by highlighting what the Bible says about who we are as people made in the image of God; what our identity as God’s child is; and he challenged us to use God’s Word as an anchor for the way that we live our lives.

A few months back, I (Elise) began praying daily for unreached people groups using the “Unreached of the Day” app. As I prayed, I said to God, “I love praying for these people, but there is no way that I could ever be able to serve them in some way.”

God decided to show me otherwise.

Recently, I received a call from a mother who was interested in her son and daughter going through COMPASS. She wanted to know specifically what I do to help students discern their design. As I explained, she said, “Elise, I work with an international group of women who would also benefit from knowing their design. Would you consider meeting with them as well?”

It turns out, these are women from an unreached people group! It has been an incredible honor to spend time with them exploring their design. Please pray for them as they adjust to being in our country. Imagine how difficult it is with the language barrier and cultural differences! Please pray that as they explore their unique design, they fall in love with their Designer.


- Summer COMPASS one-on-ones are about to get under way. We are excited about the opportunity to meet these young people. Please pray that they experience God as they explore their design.

- A door is opening at the Georgia Baptist Children's Home to assist with providing weekly worship services for the young people there. We are meeting with leadership to discern how we can help. This could be a huge opportunity to invest in these young people and to provide opportunities for meaningful service to others!


Cultivate is committed to providing services free of charge. This means our ability to continue to do what we do is wholly dependent on God continuing to send supporters who believe in this ministry and generously support this work financially.

So many of you already support Cultivate through your prayers and financial support. We cherish your continued support and cannot tell you how thankful we are for your partnership. If you aren't yet a Cultivate partner, we ask that you consider joining our support team.

The easiest way to give is to use our online platform, provided by PushPay. Visit or simply text the word "Cultivate" to 77977 from your mobile phone. You can also contact for more information.

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