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What Is Fasting?



What exactly is fasting?

The simplest definition is choosing not to have food and/or drink for a designated period of time - and that could be for a number of different reasons including health. For our focus here, we are interested in fasting as a spiritual discipline because Jesus and many of His followers throughout history have practiced it.

As a spiritual discipline, fasting these days has a wider meaning and application than just abstaining from food and drink. For example, I might choose to fast from anything I regularly enjoy as a means of removing distraction and focusing more attention on Jesus. In this wider sense, we could define fasting as denying one’s self of anything for a period of time because of a spiritual motivation. So what might that spiritual motivation be? Why should I fast? We will talk about that in our next post.

We hope you will join us as we enter a period of fasting from January 9-29.

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