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The culture we love and work with learns and speaks through images. Consequently, when we tell their stories, we will be using an emoji in the place of their names.

Meet 🦋… An incredible young woman who had an amazing experience at “Off the Grid”, a discipleship program provided by Operation Mobilization in New Zealand. She came back from New Zealand like a butterfly who had been birthed out of a cocoon (1 Corinthians 6:13) … a woman on fire for Jesus… a bright light who loves to share Christ and have spiritual conversations. However, when she came back to Georgia, she discovered that her home world had stayed the same while she had made huge changes.

We had the honor of spending time with her, helping her to debrief what she experienced through her time in New Zealand, asking questions to identify what God revealed to her there and what it means for her future.

She is now about to experience COMPASS in order to get further clarity on who God has created her to be, and the passion He has given her to share Christ with the world. Please pray for her as she moves deeper into the calling that God has for her life.

This past week, we provided COMPASS for a local children’s home. Seven young women experienced God as their designer, and explored how God created them uniquely. God really planted seeds in these girls. One of them said, “After this week, I have hope for my life.”

We had two helpers work with us during this COMPASS project - 🌻 and 🌺, who have experienced COMPASS themselves, and who have a passion for developing others.

🌻 has a dream of having a daycare that is staffed by young single mothers so that they can make money and still be with their children. By God’s providence, she was able to build relationships and lead a small group which included two young mothers who are living at the children’s home.

🌺 is pursuing a degree in Psychology and feels called to help the exploited. She assisted leading a small group for young women who have experienced this. She is now exploring other ways to help young women has they transition out of the program because of age.

This summer has been quite different than we expected. We are discovering more every day that God’s ways are not our own - so we seek to learn what He is teaching us. The staff of Cultivate was able to spend a week in July devoted to exploring what spiritual leadership is, as well as evaluating where we are as an organization and where we need to go in the coming year. Our priorities over the next year include fundraising, growing our online presence (this is where young people communicate the most), and continuing to develop of our COMPASS process. We appreciate your continued prayers and support for what we are doing. Many thanks to all of you who are partnering with us!

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