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Cultivate Summer - August 2021

We hope this update finds you well and enjoying your summer!


COMPASS has been in full swing this summer with a packed schedule and with a waiting list of people ready to go through the process. We are thankful that word is really getting out now and... OH WHAT POTENTIAL these young people who come through our door have! How we wish you could meet each person to see what we are seeing! God is raising up a generation in this troubling time - a generation of Jesus lovers who are bright, articulate, and naturally gifted to make an impact on this world for good.

Recently, we bought some resources from a man who is doing his own brand of next generation vocational counseling. We acquired these because of his credentials - he has been a high school guidance counselor, as well as a corporate recruiter for a Fortune 500 company. Needless to say, he has something to say regarding what vocational counseling needs to look like.

As It turns out, his process is similar to our COMPASS process! ONLY GOD!!! Ever since we started Cultivate, I (Elise) have wrestled with feeling unqualified for what we are doing. Last night as I watched his webinar, God once again reminded me that He qualifies the called. HE is our Mentor. HE is showing us the way to go. HE is our ever present help and our light in the darkness.

Please pray for us as we continue to meet with these young people. Pray that each person experiences the Lord as they seek His guidance in the direction they should go. Please pray for us as we prepare to train more people to help lead the COMPASS process.


On August 30th, we will have a dinner event to offer help in money management. Financial Advisor Tanner Low, CRPC®, AAMS® (and wonderful friend) will be presenting valuable information in his indelible way.

Registration links to this event will be on our social media and website. If you know an emerging adult who needs this, please pass this information on!

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