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Cultivate loves emerging adults.

Cultivate loves to celebrate emerging adults who are giving their lives for the Gospel.

Meet Caleb Earle...

Caleb has consistently worked in short term missions over the past several years. He is a 2018 college graduate, and has accepted the role of intern leadership with Global Year. He and his team will be doing mission work in Italy and Africa over the next year.

We are honored to have the opportunity to spend time with Caleb before he leaves by taking him through the COMPASS process and providing him with resources that will help him lead his team.

Cultivate is planning its first international missions experience next year in Italy with Caleb.

Please pray for Caleb as he prepares his mind and heart for what the Lord is calling him to. Please pray for him and his team.


July -

COMPASS at the Georgia Baptist Children's Home. This year, we were given 11 participants. We were encouraged to hear that the students enjoyed it so much that others are asking to participate next time!

August -

Ken was invited to give an apologetics talk for SAYA (South Atlanta Young Adults) regarding the death and resurrection of Jesus. God is so amazing how He orchestrates things. After his talk, a young man approached Ken to tell him that he was about to travel across the country with his atheist friend, but didn't know how to talk about Jesus. Ken's talk was just the information he needed.

September -

We are enjoying COMPASS with eight young people.

We have been greatly challenged by Barna's webcast, "Faith for the Future".

October -

We are excited about having our first annual Cultivate dinner on October 22! Be on the lookout for your invitation in the mail.


Faith for Exiles: Five Ways for a New Generation to Follow Jesus in Digital Babylon, by David Kinnaman and Mark Matlock

Consider Before Consuming Podcast, "Clay Olsen: Co-founder and President of Fight the New Drug"

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